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H7 Story: "180 Is Thriving"
by Kelly Radank on September 17th, 2022
Read about 180 Students and their involvement in Helping People Find and Follow Jesus in the community.   Read More
H7: Tell the Story - “People! Sign up for South Greene!”
by Kelly Radank on August 19th, 2022
             The Kemmanns joined us as members just a few months ago. Volker, his wife Birgit, and their daughter Nilla happily attend the more central Greeneville campus where they attend at and/or serve in re:gen, 180, and Pillar. Volker Kemmann stated about their welcome into FCC, “When we came to FCC Greeneville earlier this year, we felt welcomed by those serving there and also liked the nice...  Read More
Tell the Story: Scripture Memory As a Church
by Kelly Radank on July 22nd, 2022
The Bible is a large, comprehensive book, but it need not be intimidating. We just take it one bite at a time.  Read More
Tell the Story: People Behind the Scenes
by Kelly Radank on July 1st, 2022
Last week brought over a hundred children to our Greeneville FCC campus for our first annual SPLASH! camp. We had so many wonderful people offer to be present during SPLASH! to help oversee the success of the camp, and ensure that kids had fun and stayed safe.Anyone walking in their child would have been greeted by multiple volunteers helping with registration, leading small groups, and floaters m...  Read More
Tell The Story: FCC Born-and-Raised
by Kelly Radank on June 18th, 2022
Read David Bowlin's story of growing up as a Kid at FCC and how he now serves as the Director of our Young Adults.   Read More
Tell The Story: Outreach in Bolivia
by Kelly Radank on June 5th, 2022
Read about Tessa Gourley's recent mission trip to Bolivia with Live Bold, where she ministered in a boys orphanage, worked in outreach, and learned that God is much bigger than she ever thought, and He is working worldwide.  Read More
Tell the Story: Re:gen as Training for Discipleship
by Kelly Radank on May 21st, 2022
Bryan Englehardt learned that re:gen has given him the ability and confidence to reach out and disciple other men.   Read More
Tell the Story: Camp ACC
by Kelly Radank on May 6th, 2022
Hear about a cool program that Charity Damrau, Kids Min Director, heads up each summer.   Read More
Tell the Story: A New Home
by Kelly Radank on May 6th, 2022
Like many in our FCC fam, Anni Hollenbeck, from our Greeneville campus, had the opportunity to show the love of God when she adopted Tristan, a beautiful 3-year-old girl.  Read More
Tell the Story: "The Fantastic Four"
by Kelly Radank on April 22nd, 2022
Hear about four teenagers who Serve on the Team early every Sunday morning.   Read More
Tell the Story: Dead End Game Calls
by Kelly Radank on April 8th, 2022
Greeneville Campus FCCer Patrick Paysinger uses his love for hunting in God's beautiful creation to spread the gospel!  Read More
Tell the Story: Next Steps in German?
by Kelly Radank on March 25th, 2022
Hear the story of the Kemmann family, who recently started attending FCC.   Read More
Tell the Story: Dave June Tries Something New!
by Kelly Radank on March 11th, 2022
About ten years ago, our friend David June wanted to try a new hobby, so he tried his hand at painting, and now he teaches others to paint!   Read More
Tell the Story: Campus Pastor and 3rd Campus Launch Announcement
by Kelly Radank on February 17th, 2022
At Team Bash 2022, we announced our new Campus Pastor and the Launch of our 3rd Campus at South Greene.   Read More
Team Bash Highlight
by Kelly Radank on February 6th, 2022
Team Bash was amazing and we got to celebrate you!   Read More
Tell the Story: Disaster Relief
by Kelly Radank on January 22nd, 2022
Read how Aaron Claridy had the opportunity to help people in need and share Christ's love.  Read More
Tell the Story: CrossCon
by Kelly Radank on January 7th, 2022
Young Adults got the opportunity to build relationships as they visited CrossCon in Louisville, KY.   Read More
Tell the Story: re:gen
by Kelly Radank on December 31st, 2021
Since the beginning of a new year is a great time to begin new habits, we think you should consider re:generation. Re:gen is essentially hardcore training in spiritual growth and basic theology in a 12-step recovery format. By working through these Biblical steps in authentic community, you can deeply apply the power of the gospel to find newfound freedom from sin, whether yours or the sins of oth...  Read More
Marriages: Re|engage starts soon!
by Kelly Radank on December 20th, 2021
What is the key to a marriage that glorifies God?  Read More
Tell the Story: "Friendsgiving"
by Kelly Radank on December 2nd, 2021
Friends gathered at re:generation to share a Thanksgiving meal together.   Read More
Tell the Story: 180 Worship Night - Nov 17, 2021
by Kelly Radank on November 24th, 2021
Hear how God is working in the lives of our students.   Read More
Tell the Story: OCC - Nov 20, 2021
by Kelly Radank on November 20th, 2021
"Sacrificially loving others who have no way to return payment is a picture of grace; it's a tiny picture of how God, through Christ's sacrifice, loves us."  Read More