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H7 Story: Generous Hearts
April 13th, 2024
The day of the sale was a testament to the hard work and unity of these students. These students are so thankful for the overwhelming support of our church Thanks to your generosity, the bake sale was...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7: Serving as an Act of Worship
April 7th, 2024
The Schubert's (and so many other's) every day boring faithfulness allowed parents to fully immerse themselves in the worship and celebration of Christ's resurrection for us. Even though these volunte...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Biblical Community
March 30th, 2024
Living in unity with each other is actually a way to show the world the spiritual truth that we are all God's children and in the same family....  Read More
by Bethany Hodge
H7 Story: Growth Despite Adversity
March 16th, 2024
Despite the challenges, an FCC Missionary remains steadfast in his mission, and we are excited to share some of the remarkable progress God is making in this part of the world. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: "Bringing the Hope of the Gospel to Colombia"
March 9th, 2024
For nine days this past January, a team of FCC members and Longview LIVE BOLD Interns brought the hope of the gospel to people in Colombia....  Read More
by Matthew Nasekos
H7 Story: Men After God's Own Heart
March 2nd, 2024
The 2024 Men's Retreat at Longview Ranch was nothing short of a blessing. It was so good to get away with my two oldest sons and be challenged by God's Word, eat good food, and enjoy some pretty cool ...  Read More
by Travis Chapman
H7 Story: 5 Years of Multisite
February 24th, 2024
It has become clear that this multi-site campus thing works because people are willing to respond to the call to action to pursue the mission of FCC: Helping People Find and Follow Jesus....  Read More
by Sonya Higgs
H7 Story: Kingdom Purpose
February 16th, 2024
On Friday evening, February 9th, FCC 180 held a Valentine Barn Dance at Greenwood Oaks. “When we bought Greenwood Oaks our family dedicated it to the Lord,” Meredith Shrader remarked. “We acknowledge...  Read More
by Wes Ford
H7 Story: Growth in Community
February 10th, 2024
Joining these life groups has been absolutely incredible. However, this also made me realize that for the first time outside of school, I actually have a community....  Read More
by Jess Broeske & Wendi Kitsteiner
H7 Story: A Lasting Impact
February 3rd, 2024
We did it! After 20 weeks, we finished the first section of the New City Catechism Curriculum (NCC). We all know what we were taught every Sunday during this series. But what about our kids?Well, they...  Read More
by Wendi Kitsteiner
H7 Story: Sharing Life with Others
January 27th, 2024
The richness of being in a Life Group happens in between the weekly gatherings....  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Marriage Designed by God
January 20th, 2024
Deciding who to marry is one of the most important decisions in life and one that should be made in light of God's Word and with the counsel of godly community...  Read More
by Beth Anne Liebert
H7 Story: Jesus Remains Undefeated
January 13th, 2024
Around 30 people from FCC and Longview joined 11,000 other young adults to learn more about our mission for the world at the Cross Conference in Louisville, KY. ...  Read More
by Ainsley Ford
H7 Story: Love One Another
January 6th, 2024
In re|engage, we believe that taking to heart Christ’s command in John 13:34, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another” l...  Read More
by Beth Anne Liebert
H7 Story: Disciplemaking Leaders
December 16th, 2023
In the world of Students, the 180 Student Team has implemented a lead small, gender and grade-specific small group strategy focused on longevity and relational discipleship. This approach has witnesse...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Joyfully Pursuing Generosity
December 10th, 2023
H7 Story – “Joyfully Pursuing Generosity” Editor’s Note: To piggyback from last week’s sermon, “H5: Pursue Generosity Because the Work is Great, For it is Not for Man but for the Lord” (1 Chronicles 2...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7: Hope Center Ministries
December 2nd, 2023
Recently, a group of FCCers, who attended the annual banquet of The Hope Center Ministries, had the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative work this local ministry is doing in our communi...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7: Awakening a Generation to King Jesus
November 18th, 2023
DNOW focused on "Awakening a Generation to King Jesus." The weekend was filled with worship, community, and a transformative understanding of Jesus as the Lord of all....  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: From New Age to New Creation
November 11th, 2023
In a world where self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment reign supreme, Kendra Hinkle's story stands out as a powerful testament to the transformative power of God's grace....  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Keeping Us Caffeinated
November 5th, 2023
In every community, there are people behind the scenes who diligently contribute to making things better while flying under the radar. We lovingly refer to these individuals as "everyday boring faithf...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Next Steps Helper
October 21st, 2023
Her genuine enthusiasm for FCC's serving culture and her passion for Gospel-centeredness led Myra to dive headfirst into her role as a Next Steps Helper....  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Pursuing God's Calling
October 7th, 2023
Josiah and Alina Harris have recently stepped out in faith to pursue God's calling to serve Him wherever He leads them. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Genuine Connections
August 19th, 2023
What sets the Schubert Life Group apart is not only their longevity but also their commitment to multiply themselves. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Life Group Care
August 12th, 2023
Life Groups are the glue that holds FCC together as a church family. When life happens, and you’re facing some of the most difficult times of your life, you need your church family to come alongside y...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: God's Preparation
August 5th, 2023
Staff and volunteers alike have been so excited to welcome Michael Schubert to the Kid's Team....  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Godly Community
July 29th, 2023
Whether it’s in Merge, Foundation Group, or re|engage, the Marriage Ministry is structured around the premise that it’s within the context of authentic godly community that God’s Word and God’s Spirit...  Read More
by Beth Anne Liebert
H7 Story: Pursuing Generosity Together
July 22nd, 2023
Our decision to Pursue Generosity together enabled FCC to raise $5,653.24 for the Hope Center! What an exciting blessing to give! ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Producing Producers
July 15th, 2023
“The world has enough consumers, we are structured to produce producers for the sake of our community and the kingdom of God.”...  Read More
by Jess Hudson
H7 Story: Making a Splash
July 8th, 2023
At Splash, nearly 100 kids joined us, and they had an absolute blast. Splash was a success. Kids were challenged to love Jesus even more....  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: God Made Me To Help Others
July 1st, 2023
In Early Childhood, the theme for May was "God made me to help others!" ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Becoming Pillars
June 24th, 2023
PILLAR loved giving Young Adults a space at the BECOMING PILLARS Retreat to just be, to rest, and to grow to be "Pillars of the Truth." ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Mexico Missions Trip
June 17th, 2023
Fourteen of our FCC’ers just returned from Mexico! Ten high school students and four courageous adults spent nine days working with Steve and Kay Carpenter in Tultepec, Mexico. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7: Pinckleys in Portugal
June 9th, 2023
Paul and Debbie Pinckley serve as missionaries in Portugal. We are encouraged to see the work the Lord is doing through them. Here are some of the highlights:...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Faithfully Following Jesus
June 4th, 2023
We are so excited to see our Greeneville area students loving Jesus and representing Him daily. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: 180 Parent Night
May 27th, 2023
On Mar 29, almost 200 people overflowed in the upstairs Worship Center, where parents experienced 180 with their Students. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Faithful Service
May 20th, 2023
For the last 4 years, Jamie Kilgore has faithfully served as our Worship Leader/Coach at our FCC Greeneville campus. This Sunday, May 21, marks his last official Sunday in that role. Jamie has been su...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Reach out! You are not alone!
May 13th, 2023
Pain is real. Grief is hard. Loss is profound. But Jesus is there! ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Support the Right for Life
May 6th, 2023
Starting next Sunday, your family will have a chance to personally support the great work at the Hope Center as we partner with them in their "Change for Life" campaign. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Taking Sermon Notes
April 29th, 2023
Did you know that taking notes increases your ability to focus and comprehend the sermon? If you take notes, it helps you listen more effectively....  Read More
by Kelly Radank
April 21st, 2023
It is through becoming established in a church body that, young adults can truly experience meaningful growth and develop into PILLARs of the truth to the world....  Read More
by Kelly Radank