Membership is Biblical Commitment to God's Vision for Our Mutual Growth

Because we believe membership is a biblical commitment, (see GQA below), we press against the spiritual consumerism and perversion of grace that expect personal care and growth without personal commitment and responsibility. To be a church that is truly #ForYou is to hold you accountable for growth. So we approach local church membership as a two-way relationship and mutual commitment between a church and its members for the sake of personal and corporate growth. As we like to say, "You don't stumble across meaningful Christian community; you create it." Here are some related teaching resources:

It is Our Commitment to You...

We realize that being a healthy and growing church where you are becoming who God created you to be involves ensuring that Godly and biblical processes are in place that keep Christ Head of His church. That requires the leadership of many men and women of integrity who are unified in their submission to the centrality of Christ in their own lives. So we want you to view the vision communicated throughout this website as our commitment to implementing a comprehensive churchwide strategy of producing, in you, a community-building producer! We promise, by "prayparing" with our hearts and hands, to care for your growth in Christ!

... and Your Commitment to Us...

(Yes, we know, this picture is the same as the previous one. But that's because they illustrate the mutual commitment to growth we're talking about.) "Ahh... I see it now."

All members of FCC are expected to cultivate the 7 Habits in their daily lives as part of our mission of Helping People Find and Follow Jesus. That means that each member takes seriously the idea that "meaningful participation" is the only way to even begin to make this commitment to mutual growth work. Remember, "You create community." Consumeristic Christianity doesn't change a community, let alone any single person.

... for the Sake of the Mission!

In the final analysis, this mutual commitment to growth isn't primarily about your personal or our corporate growth if it is divorced from the most important goal of communicating the glory and grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ! This mutual commitment is about being strengthened for the mission of Helping people find and follow Jesus and showing that He is Lord of All!

Membership has its Privileges...

As outlined in Article 18 of the FCC Bylaws, members are listed on the church roll as an active member and will have the right to vote, (if 16 years or older), which currently means voting on Elders once yearly. In addition, it means better care and attention than non-members who may consider us their church home but are not “meaningfully participating.” Here are additional benefits that result from the implications of greater mutual commitment, a focus on protecting the flock, and providing ongoing support and training for long-term growth.
  • Greater commitment to your spiritual growth and leadership development.
  • Better shepherding and accountability from our Elders, Staff, and Leaders.
  • Greater voice into our vision.
  • Qualifying for leadership roles: Teacher, Serve Team or Small Group Leader, Serve Team Coach, etc.
  • Qualifying for tuition-free formal theological training, under our “Church Partner” program with Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary.

... and Here's how you Get 'Em!

Why should churches lower the standards for something with eternal consequences?! These "membership privileges" aren't consumeristic options. They're requirements for becoming a community-and-people-building producer!
  1. Complete the Next Steps process.
  2. Repent from sin, as evidenced by lifestyle and habits, in alignment with FCC’s Confession of Faith.
  3. Identify with Christ through baptism by immersion, not necessarily at FCC. (If you have not been baptized, talk to your Next Steps Helper, Serve Team or Small/Life Group Leader, or Campus Pastor to begin the process.)
  4. Publicly confess faith in Jesus Christ during a worship service at FCC. This finalizes the process and formalizes membership by being welcomed by the Campus Pastor (or his delegate) and introduced to the congregation. This also formally confirms substantive agreement with our Confession of Faith and agreement to not teach or advocate in a manner contrary to it. ("Substantive agreement" doesn't necessarily mean full agreement in every jot and tittle of our Confession. If there is any particular doctrinal hesitation, please speak with an Elder or Pastor before finalizing the Membership Process.)

For the full explanation of our Membership Process from the Elders, see this PDF.