Next Steps

Discovering God's Vision for Your Life!

Next Steps is how we help you understand how things work, find answers to questions, connect with a Next Steps Helper, and develop a personal 7 Habits Growth Plan.

How It Works

(1) Attend a 1-hr introductory Next Steps class session.
  • No obligation. Just come and see what we're all about!
  • Meet some new folks and veteran FCCers.
  • Watch the 7 Habits videos and learn about our vision and strategy, our ministry offerings, our Confession of Faith, and the rest of the Next Steps process, with time for Q & A.
  • Catch a vision for how God's Kingdom advances through the local church and how you can be part of it!
Sign up on the Connect Card and we'll be in contact to start the process and get you signed up for an upcoming Sunday that works for you!
(2) If you'd like to get connected or even if you just have further questions, a Next Steps Helper will contact you to meet over coffee (on us!) The Next Steps Helper is there to answer questions, help you develop a tailored 7 Habits Growth Plan, and to become a personal resource for navigating a God-sized vision for your life and growth through the local church! As we like to say, "Welcome to your growth!"

"What is a 7 Habits Growth Plan?"

It's a written* plan for your growth, easily accessible on our app, that is developed in ongoing conversation with your Next Steps Helper. It answers these questions...

1. What's your story? Tell us about yourself and help us get to know you. (What makes you tick? How do you spend your time? Any hobbies?)

2. What has your past involvement looked like in... Workplace? Church? Serving? Small Groups? Leadership?

3. Have you watched the 7H videos? Any questions or clarification needed?

4. Where do you need to grow? Where do you need to seek health?

5. Where do you see yourself getting involved at FCC? What is your best next step of involvement?

*Why "written"? Because you haven't thought it through until you've written it down.