Monday Morning Missives

2-min Devotional Thoughts from God's Word

The initial idea was to provide a brief Monday morning devotional thought that played off the previous Sunday's sermon, as a motivational thought to "go get 'em" throughout the week. While that vision changed some, to become an interesting text-based teaching snippet that didn't necessarily come out of the sermon text, MMMs didn't last long, and we are not currently producing additional MMMs, we figured it might be helpful to leave them available.

(And though it's a smidge gauche to leave such relatively unfinished things on our public website and to give so much potentially needless verbiage, we're doing so as an ongoing reminder to our Lead Pastor to consider reviving the idea when the time is right. And yes, he did write all this. And yes, he recognizes—as you will likely agree once you watch one—that his face is too close.)