Great  Questions  Answered

Trustworthy Answers from God's All-Sufficient Word

What is Great Questions Answered?
Long story short, emerging out of our 2019 Great Questions sermon series, where we received way more questions than time for answers, I endeavored to take up a long-held desire to begin compiling a trustworthy catalog of written answers that are biblically and theologically rooted, practically helpful, and instructive for Christian worldview development. For (likely way) more introductory info (than any normal person wants), see "Introduction to Great Questions Answered" (

Why Great Questions Answered?
In a greedy, impatient, and algorithmically-controlled world motivated by abuse of money, sex, and power, the rise of militantly secular ideologies and the weaponization of identity politics means we must fight against intellectual laziness and reclaim a Christ-centered discipline of the mind. We must learn to think clearly and persuade Christianly, for the sake of our witness to the truth of human flourishing for all that is only found in knowing and speaking God’s Word. (For a cursory explanation of why knowing and speaking God’s Word is the ground for morality, human flourishing, societal good, and epistemological truth, see “The Word of God is our Authority and Guide” at

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