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Pre-multisite, at the beginning of every sermon, our Lead Pastor would give some time to what informally became called "Family Matters," touching on important churchwide items like announcements, initiatives, spreading of vision, and communicating his pastoral heart for our church. At multiple campuses, the need is still there, but the time isn't. Thus, Scott's Thoughts was born to help ensure that—even in a multisite context—we're all on the same page. Each post, published every few weeks(ish), is typically around 5(ish) mins of reading (according to the "Normal" reading setting at, which apparently is not "normal" according to our anecdotal, unscientific, and non-peer-reviewed data.)
Scott's Thoughts: Apr 16, 2023
April 16th, 2023
EASTER@NPAC 2023: Wow! / Update re Brown Bags & Bibles and Great Questions Answered / Some Currently Theologically & Sociopolitically Uncool Thoughts Roughly About Deconstructing Christian Faith...
Scott's Thoughts: Sun, Feb 12, 2023
February 12th, 2023
WinterSpring Men’s & Women’s Retreats @ Longview Ranch / Brown Bags & Bibles (& Books!): The Holiness of God, by R. C. Sproul / All-Church Worship Service: Easter @ NPAC / We Preach to Force Engagement with God’s Word / Recent Important Items & Blurbs You May Have Missed...
Scott's Thoughts: Sun, Jan 1, 2023
January 1st, 2023
H7 Story: Excitement at Xmas Eve Service Thanks for jumping in to help / Buncha Upcoming Items & Events to Know About and Plan For / 2022 Annual Report, 2023 Budget & Giving, Vision Banquet / Annual Membership Renewal & Spiritual Health Survey / Some Recent Important Items & Blurbs You May Have Missed...
Scott's Thoughts: Sun, Dec 4, 2022
December 4th, 2022
South Greene Launches Strong! (And a Few Related Observations re “The State of Multisite” / The Big 3: The Key to Connection at FCC / Some “Wins” to Share / Christmas Plans / 2023 Budget, New Annual Report for 2022(ish) and Future Vision Banquet Plans / New (& Newish) On The App / New Resources on Human Sexuality / Small Teachy Rant re our Preaching Method and the Missing Passion for the Truths of...
Scott's Thoughts: Sun, Sep 25, 2022
September 25th, 2022
3 “Whys” & 2 “Bunchas” Today: Why No Scripture Onscreen During Preaching, (For Now)? / Why So Many Repeats Of Info? / Why Capitalize Every Word In A Title? / Buncha Multisite Campus Launch/Relaunch Updates & Thoughts / Buncha New & Old Miscellany...
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