multisite Strategy

FCC Mission & Vision

Because we take seriously Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20 to “make disciples,” we intentionally and unapologetically unite around a clear, practical, and personal ministry strategy of 7 Habits for Discovering God's vision for your life! This means helping people understand that God's vision for their lives is better than their own by challenging them to a #ForGreene mission that serves our community and produces producers. We are on a mission to develop servant-leaders who help form the moral foundation for a strong Greene County!

Make Disciples & Launch Campuses 

We believe being a multisite church is the best use of the resources and outreach capacity God has given us. So when we say we are "one church in multiple locations" here's what we mean... Instead of planting new churches, with new buildings and new systems (which costs significantly more), we develop servant-leaders, make disciples, and launch campuses. All campuses share the same teaching, mission, vision, elders, budget, leadership structure, programs, and processes, but each campus has its own full-time Campus Pastor who reproduces and protects FCC vision and programming, preaches ~25% of time, functions as the local shepherd, and ensures we are making 7 Habits disciples, many of whom will eventually be  ready to launch the next campus. That's why we call it a "people-and-campus-launching strategy!" For more info, check out Multi FAQs,  7 Factors in Launching Campuses, and our Leadership Pipeline.

Small Campuses That Feel Like Family

While there are some advantages to pooling of resources, keeping campuses small and personal means there quite a few ways each location feels like a church family. (1) Each campus has a local full-time Pastor. (2) No one campus feels like a big or overwhelming place. (3) A Next Steps Helper, from your campus, meets with you personally, over coffee (on us!), to get to know you and talk through how you can tailor your 7 Habits Growth Plan to your individual and family needs and availability. (4) Campus-specific Serve Teams and Life Groups function as the front lines of your personal and pastoral care. Campus Pastors meet regularly with these leaders. (5) We regularly do things like "Good Ole' Fashioned Potluck & Prayer" where we sit around the table as a church family, enjoy good food, get to know each other, and pray for one another. (This being said, we also have all-church centralized ministries and programming: re:generation, Marriage, Pillar Young Adults, 180 Middle/High School Students, Christmas/Easter Worship, Kids Easter/Jingle Jam, Team Bash, Vision Banquet, mission trips, outreach initiatives, etc.)

School & Community Outreach

In Greeneville and Greene County, since our schools are centrally important to the flourishing of our community, we made that the heart of our local outreach and campus-launching strategy! Each Campus Pastor spends ~20% of his time reaching out to a local school and the surrounding community by leading that campus' people and directing some of our Outreach money to open-handedly add value and support with no strings attached in order to help make and keep our community strong. That's why we say our multisite vision is #ForGreene (and #ForYou!)

"Worship & Serve"

Asking our people to both "Worship & Serve" (Habits #1 & #2) is a crucial part of our strategy to transform church from a spiritual consumer option into one that produces producers, in 3 ways:

(1) Provides the human resources to make the vision happen well, not just for our programs and services, but for warmly welcoming guests and connecting them to the body of Christ!

(2) Accommodates busy schedules, meaning you can come one-time on Sunday mornings, and have the opportunity to witness and contribute to a healthy body of Christ functioning to expand God's Kingdom!

(3) Integrates youth at 6th grade and teaches the humility of serving early, providing natural mentoring relationships between generations, and ensures they know they're valuable contributors!

The world has enough consumers. We are intentionally structured to produce producers, for the sake of helping make and keep our community strong and the Kingdom of God. Come "Engage in worship" (H1) and "Serve on the team" (H2) and enjoy the fellowship of mutual surrender to the mission!

Emerging Multisite Vision & Strategy

We continue to work hard on further nailing the processes we're scaling (7 Habits, Leadership Pipeline, Team Code, "Worship & Serve", etc.) with a view to:
  • keeping campuses small and personal,
  • launching more campuses within our community,
  • deploying young and emerging leaders,
  • initiating creative marketplace ministry partnerships and connections through Catalyst Outreach Ministries (Catalyst Coffee Company),
  • redemptively revitalizing and relaunching existing churches in our community,
  • training other rural churches and leaders in multisite as a strategy to produce producers, build God's Kingdom, and open-handedly add value that helps make and keep the community strong.