Helping People Find & Follow Jesus 

7 Habits for Discovering God's Vision for Your Life!

Helping People (and maybe even you?!) Find and Follow Jesus >>>

FCC Greene is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, and multi-campus community of believers where you can meet Jesus, engage in life-giving relationships, and discover who God created and called you to be! Our 7 Habits create an environment where the Word of God does the work of helping you discover God's vision for your life. You see, our churchwide #ForGreene strategy of producing community-building producers on a mission of Helping People Find and Follow Jesus is also a #ForYou strategy!

Even Our Website is #ForYou

Yes, that sounds a little cheesy (which you'll find is not particularly uncommon at FCC, where we occasionally make up words like "praypare" (Team Code #2) to communicate clearly.) Here's what we mean: If you're here checking us out, we hope you'll find our website to be a comprehensive churchwide #ForGreene and #ForYou strategy! The "About" menu is focused on the Christ-centered and Bible-based vision and strategy that make us tick. The "Connect" menu is focused on the environments where theory becomes practice and peoples' 7 Habits Growth Plan takes shape. The "Resources" menu is focused on letting the Word of God do the work!

For more specific info, ministry updates, events calendar, the Sermon Guide, Connect Card, Bible & Reading Plan, and much more, Get our app!, which enables more specific FCCer engagement.

Latest Media  >>>

For a taste of how we teach the Word of God, implement the 7 Habits, and #TellTheStory of God's work through Christ, check out recent Sermons, Pulse videos, Kids Min Lessons, 180 Student Talks, Monday Morning Missives, Brown Bags & Bibles, Coffee Convos, re:generation and Marriage Ministry teachings and more at the link below or Get our app! and choose "Watch". We hope and pray God uses this in your life—that His Word would do its work in you!