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H7 Story: Team Ball Award # 1
June 28th, 2024
In sports, when someone hits some sort of career milestone or they have a particularly amazing game, the team will often award them a game ball. Years ago, we decided that even though we aren’t an ath...  Read More
by Wendi Kitsteiner
H7: Serving as an Act of Worship
April 7th, 2024
The Schubert's (and so many other's) every day boring faithfulness allowed parents to fully immerse themselves in the worship and celebration of Christ's resurrection for us. Even though these volunte...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Splash 2024
March 30th, 2024
Splash is an alternative to Pine Cove City for rising Kindergartners. The schedule will be a little slower and not as long. Kindergartners will learn how Jesus helps us make a splash in the world arou...  Read More
by Wes Ford
H7 Story: A Lasting Impact
February 3rd, 2024
We did it! After 20 weeks, we finished the first section of the New City Catechism Curriculum (NCC). We all know what we were taught every Sunday during this series. But what about our kids?Well, they...  Read More
by Wendi Kitsteiner
Pine Cove City is Bringing Camp Back to FCC
January 26th, 2024
Sign up for Pine Cove City (Grade 1-6) and Splash (Kindergarten). ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Splash 2023
May 12th, 2023
Mon, Jun 26 through Fri, Jun 30, FCC Kids is excited to host Splash, a summer camp for preschool and elementary kids. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Easter Jam 2023
February 18th, 2023
Don’t miss our 2023 Easter Jam for an unforgettable Easter experience complete with the resurrection story, games, and songs about our risen Savior! ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
H7 Story: Knowing God First
February 4th, 2023
In January, FCC Kids explored the virtue of “knowledge” and all the ways God made us curious and eager to learn...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Jingle Jam 2022
November 18th, 2022
Join us for a "Party Big Enough For the Whole Family."...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Splash Recap 2022
July 10th, 2022
Take a look at the fun week your kids had a Splash 2022! ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Kids: Easter Jam Highlights
May 26th, 2022
Check out this Highlight Video from Easter Jam 2022!...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Splash 2022
May 12th, 2022
Sign up for a fun week of skills training, fun, and worship!...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Tell the Story: Camp ACC
May 6th, 2022
Hear about a cool program that Charity Damrau, Kids Min Director, heads up each summer. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
Easter Jam 2022
March 3rd, 2022
Join us for an unforgettable Easter Experience for the whole family. ...  Read More
by Kelly Radank
FCC Kids: Pine Cove City 2021 Highlights
June 5th, 2021
Here’s some highlights from our week of Pine Cove City!...  Read More
by Nathan Dickerson
FCC Kids: Pine Cove City is Two Weeks Away!
May 17th, 2021
Pine Cove City is May 31–Jun 4! This is an experience you will not want your child to miss. Sign up before it's too late....  Read More
by Nathan Dickerson
Pine Cove City is Bringing Camp Back to FCC!
March 17th, 2021
We're excited to tell you that Pine Cove City is coming to Greeneville on May 31 – Jun 4! ...  Read More
by Nathan Dickerson