Pine Cove City is Bringing Camp Back to FCC!

What is it?
Pine Cove City is our Summer 2021 programming for Kids who are in Kindergarten through 5th grade during the 2020-2021 school year. (I.e., “rising” 1st through 6th graders.) At Pine Cove City, your kids will get the chance to learn who Jesus is while having fun and making memories they will carry on into the rest of their lives! The program is run by Pine Cove Camps, an amazing camp ministry that runs family, day, and overnight camps across the nation. Pine Cove trains and sends 35 passionate college students and older adults to run the entire camp all week long, executing all activities, teaching kids about Jesus, and making sure they have an amazing week! All staff are are background checked, trained, and passionate to teach and lead your kids into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

When is it?
Pine Cove City is May 31 – Jun 4, from 8:40a to 4p.

How much does it cost?
Pine Cove City costs $290 per kid… and it is worth every penny! Payment plans are available upon signing up. Those options are as follows.
  • Total Amount: Full amount ($290) day-of
  • Monthly automatic plan: $100 up front, remainder split evenly over following months
  • Minimum plan: $100 up front, remainder ($190) on the following month
  • Note: $100 deposits are non-refundable
If you need financial aid, you can fill out this scholarship form. You can find these forms at the Pine Cove City tables, at each of our locations, or by contacting our Kids Director, Charity Damrau, at
If you'd like to help sponsor a child, or give to our scholarship program, click here.

Daily Schedule Structure:
  • 8:40a Parent Drop-Off
  • “Power Hour” – Welcome
  • High energy excitement and skits
  • Activities
    • Climbing
    • Water Activities
    • Laser Tag
    • Trampoline
    • Community
    • and More!
  • Lunch & Snack
  • Bible Study & “Club”
  • Worship and Message about Jesus
  • 4p Parent Pick-Up

Parent FAQs:
  • What do I need to pack?  Go to for more detail.
  • How does drop-off and pick-up work?  Go to for more detail.
  • Do you feed my kid(s)?  Each child will need to pack their own lunch for each day they attend.
  • What about my kid(s) safety and/or medications?  Each day of camp, we will have a licensed nurse and health assistant on call in case of any injury. Additionally, all medications are administered to campers by Pine Cove’s health center staff. Click here for more detail about the Pine Cove process:
  • Is this just for FCCers?  As we host Pine Cove City, we want this experience not only for FCC, but for all of Greene County! Registration will be open to anyone in our area, so reach out to your friends and neighbors, and invite them to come to Pine Cove City.
  • At which campus will you host Pine Cove City? Pine Cove City will be at our Greeneville Campus!
  • I’m sure Pine Cove staff are amazing and all, but will FCC Kids Min Staff be at Pine Cove City? Yes! We will be having at least a few of our FCC Kids Staff on-site, helping oversee things, keeping your kids safe, and loving on them while you sip lemonade at home… or something like that.
  • Can I be a Host Family?  Hey, glad you asked! During the week, we need families willing to open their homes to Pine Cove City staff who will be working the event (18 male, 17 female). For more info, or if you are interested, please contact our Kids Director, Charity Damrau, at
  • Anything else I should know?  Yeah, there’s a mini Pine Cove party for parents and special recognition for campers! Join us Friday, Jun 4, at 4p!

To sign up, go to

To get the Pine Cove CampLife app, go to…
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