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“The Overturn of Roe v Wade: How Should Christians Respond?”
by Kelly Radank on August 7th, 2022
Intro to Great Questions Answered (GQA) / "The 2022 Supreme Count Overturning of Roe v Wade: How Should Christians Respond? Essential? Conviction? Opinion? / The Red Herring of Not Being "Pro-Life Enough" / What Pro-Lifers Already Do / More to follow...  Read More
"What Should I Look for in a Church and When Should I Leave One?"
by Scott Wakefield on July 3rd, 2022
Intro to GQA / Essential? Conviction? Opinion? / What Church are we Talking About? / The Church Defined: A Called Out People Always Rediscovering its Purpose as Redeemed Witnesses to the Kingdom of God / (First Draft of) The Essential Marks of a Biblical Church  Read More
"Is Samesex Marriage Biblical?"
by Scott Wakefield on August 22nd, 2021
To answer “Is Samesex Marriage Biblical?”, we need to answer 4 questions, in this order:
  1. Why did God create humans?
  2. Why did God create marriage?
  3. Does the Bible say homosexual behavior/practice is sinful?
  4. Does samesex marriage fit with God’s purpose for humanity or marriage?
  Read More
"Is Church Membership Biblical?"
by Scott Wakefield on August 14th, 2021
The New Testament teaches nothing akin to the free-range Christianity many espouse today and evidences the exact opposite—it only knows of Christians who are part of a local body of believers who are named, tracked, cared for, and held accountable to Christlikeness and Kingdom mission.  Read More
"Introduction to Great Questions Answered"
by Scott Wakefield on August 9th, 2021
Background / Same Vision, But 5(ish)-Minutes-of-Reading, in Parts, Until Not / Not All Questions Carry Equal Weight: "Essentials–Convictions–Opinions" Chart / Sometimes I Will Simplify, but Don’t Count on It / Methodological/Theological Assumptions in Answering GQA: Always Aiming for "Biblical"; Sometimes Also Aiming for More Explanation; Exegesis & Theology Determine Apologetics, Not the Other Way Around; I Write as a 1689er, But So What?!  Read More