H7 Story: Team Bash Celebration

On Sunday, Jun 3, around 230 volunteers gathered at Chuckey Doak High School for our annual Team Bash. This event is special, and volunteers aren’t allowed to lift a finger to help. This night is about celebrating the faithful service of all of our volunteers. Staff and Elders spend the afternoon preparing for the honored guests – FCC Volunteers.
Volunteers serve in so many different ways around our church. Some are seen, and some are unseen. You’ll see people on the Worship Team (7 per campus) and while you don’t see them, you know there is a Tech Team (5 per campus), making all things audio and visual happen. There is a Safety Response Team watching out for your safety during the service. Our Guest Team greets guests, serves communion, and handles set up and clean up for each service. (This includes 80-100 people spread throughout all three campuses! Wow!)

During the services, your kids will be in their individual class, not just being watched, but being poured into. (In fact: we actually need 55 people every Sunday across all three campuses to provide classes for our kids.) Each lesson has been carefully prepared with the Gospel as the central theme, and our volunteers are on mission to Help Kids Find and Follow Jesus.

On Monday, it’s time for re:gen (around 15 volunteers). There are also volunteers needed for re|engage (avg. 6) and Financial Peace University (2). On Tuesdays, our young adult volunteers (avg. 16) help make Pillar run. Wednesdays bring on the youth where both youth and adult volunteers (avg 33) help keep things moving smoothly.  

Life Groups are also meeting every day of the week. There are a total of 51 leaders throughout the three campuses each week.

Of course there are also outreach events occurring throughout the year which require volunteers as well. Click here to read the story we wrote on FCC’s outreach opportunities from a few weeks ago.

Throughout the week, behind-the-scenes volunteers are helping with administrative duties which keep processes flowing. They are writing stories (such as this one to remind us of the Kingdom work happening daily), prepping snacks for volunteers who begin serving at 6:30a on Sundays, roasting beans (so we all get our morning wake-up juice 🙂), preparing Kids’ materials, ordering supplies, and so much more.

FCC could not be the FCC that it is today without this amazing group of volunteers, who give of their time to serve their Savior and consistently Help People Find and Follow Jesus.
And so …. A Team Bash is held once a year to thank and celebrate all of our amazing volunteers. We begin the evening with a catered meal. During the meal, raffle prizes were given away. This year, there was also a little twist. When your number was called, you had to spin a wheel which could result in a gift card to a local restaurant. However, it could also mean you received an interesting consequence. For example: someone had to walk an invisible dog for the rest of the evening. Another volunteer had to take six selfies with people they didn’t know. It made for a lot of fun!
We typically hire someone to provide entertainment, but this year FCC staff was the entertainment. A few campus pastors shared the “random thoughts” that they think while preparing sermons, a few staff competed in a round of jeopardy, and some volunteers participated in Family Feud.
At the end of the evening, seven volunteers/couples were recognized and awarded a Team Code Ball.
Of course, there was some more serious stuff too. Pastor Scott reminded us all of Ephesians 4:1-16. In verses 7-11 we learned about how we have gifts. And in verses 12-16 we were reminded that our goal is growth! “When we show we are a Team, we display the character and nature of God!” Scott explained during the Bash. “Humility is the opposite of holding onto your position on the team as if the team is here to serve you. Gentleness is the opposite of being instantly offended when anything goes slightly wrong. Patience is the opposite of being instantly offended when anything goes slightly wrong.” Scott went on to explain, “Bearing with one another in love is the opposite of cut and run. Friends, our unity with Christ is reflected in our unity with one another. When we are a team, we show whose children we are!”

It is important to remember that God empowers each one of us to use our individual gift/s. In addition, God Himself has given you, as a gift to all of us, to make this team work in many ways that display His character and nature. (You are important to this whole thing working!) In addition, our serving together is about growing into Christ-likeness! The church is intended to be the place where we are all equipped to serve on God’s team.

Thank you, to you! You are the secret sauce of First Christian Church. You are a part of the ongoing, faithful, day-after-day and week-after-week dedication of boring people like you humbling themselves to the mission of Jesus! 🙂 So thank YOU for being faithful! God is using your everyday boring faithfulness to increasingly humble us to His mission Helping People Find and Follow Jesus!

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