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Elders Letter & Vote

On a Sunday with a Nerdy Doctrinal Sermon About the Trinity, I Feel the Need to Remind us that Learning is Good and Intellectual Laziness is Bad

In Case You Missed It: Last Week’s Post
Elders Letter & Vote – Some of you have probably already received yours in the mail. But if not, you probably will in the next couple days, or go here or the “Pulse” tab on the, where it’s available now. There’s a lot of important info there about Life Groups and how FCC members vote—by the end of Sept—on an elder serving a second 3 year term and another rolling back on for another 3-year term.

A few quick points about the process the Elders use for discerning a new Elder: we are always praying for direction, watching for spiritually mature already-leaders fitting the biblical descriptions in places like 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, occasionally talking to/with some, and have had some visit Elders Mtgs to talk through what’s involved, answer questions, etc. This October, Chuck Bowlin rolls off and we are proposing that Mark Liebert come back on. We are also proposing that John Hamilton (current Elder) serve a second 3-year term as Elder. Members can vote here, at More details about our bylaws are at
Without further ado, (i.e., I have already deleted a long introductory rant)… a previous post that I think is germane given today’s sermon and our normal patterns of preaching: “We Preach to Force Engagement with God’s Word”.
It feels self-aggrandizing to say so, but there were a couple things you may have wanted to see last week like
  • Revamped Study Questions on the Sermon Guide: More Explanation, but Clearer to Follow, and For More Group Contexts
  • See/Manage Your Giving to FCC Online
  • Some ‘Did You Knows?’ and ‘In Case You Missed Ems’
  • Thank You for Serving Faithfully
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