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Revamped Study Questions on the Sermon Guide: More Explanation, but Clearer to Follow, and For More Group Contexts

See/Manage Your Giving to FCC Online

Some ‘Did You Knows?’ and ‘In Case You Missed Ems’

Thank You for Serving Faithfully
Just letting ya know that the Study Questions on the weekly Sermon Guide (found on the have been revamped. Initially I was trying to make them shorter and simpler, and well, I’m not that guy. I have recently doubled down on the importance of believers learning to handle the Scriptures well for themselves, not just for themselves but for the sake of strengthening our community and world. So, yes, it has more explanation and in some ways is more complex, but I think it is clearer in its aims and, thus, easier to follow, as well as being a smidge more generically applicable to a wider variety of contexts—whether personal or small group study.
To see and manage your giving, go to Our secure admin system will only let you in via the cell phone number or email address you have already provided us. Two quick points of clarification: (1) You likely “provided us” with your cell or email via the Connect Card or when signing up for something. (2) The aforementioned verification process is encrypted and uses a time-limited and single-use password that is sent to your cell or email. Once you’re in and you’ve chosen your profile, it will show your “Donation history” page. Choose that pull-down menu (that says “Donation history”) to manage recurring donations, payment methods, notifications (of receipts via email, if desired/not), and statements (from year to year). If you’ve got further questions, email Crista Larsen at
For many, these may merely serve as a friendly reminder of some cool things we regularly do that you may have missed or forgotten. But with so many new folks lately, these points may practically be a revelation.
  • Church App Matter: Church Apps Matter (or at least our does, probably more than you know) – Don’t miss the constantly updated stuff like: On the “Pulse” tab, the weekly Prayer List, weekly Pulse Video, weekly Sun Recap, weekly H7 Stories, far-less-than-weekly Scott’s Thoughts, and other blog and news items, stories, and announcements (under “Latest News”). On the “Watch” tab, sermons, re:gen talks/testimonies, Brown Bags & Bibles, and Coffee Convos, and other resources. App’s avail at
  • Did You Know?! … Preaching Crew Helping Local Congregation?! – (Of course you didn’t know, bc this is the first thing we’ve said about it.) We came upon a small local church (that I am keeping anonymous) that recently disaffiliated with the United Methodist Church who needed some people to preach for them, so we put together a team of 10 men in our congregation, most of whom are youngsters interested in pastoral and preaching ministries who want/need some at-bats. It’s being overseen by our Elders, is only a once-monthly commitment, we’re following our Gospel of John series to make things manageable, we’re using and we’re not committed to anything beyond a few months or so. For now we’re using it to help us develop faithful preachers and to help feed a local flock, which I think is super cool and worth brief mention. Please pray for God’s continued leading, for us and for this church who needs faithful preaching.
  • Coffee Convos – We’re almost done doing a 30-mins CC with all of our 2023 Team Bash team ball recipients. It’s a cool way to learn about how God has used serving in the local church to strengthen his people! Available on the “Watch” tab on the app (under “Media”) or at
  • Brown Bags & Bibles – We like to keep it light and uncontroversial around here, so Mark Liebert and I have just finished a series explaining and defending the Elders’ Position Paper on complementarianism and have just started a series explaining and defending our Confession of Faith re the charismatic gifts. Available on the “Watch” tab on the app (under “Media”) or at
Your faithfulness to show up and serve—in whatever capacity however seemingly big or small—is what makes this place move forward. I am daily reminded of all the many amazing things that God is doing among us and I am continually seeing—in greater relief and even moreso with time: (A) God’s Word is what is ultimately leading us. (B) Regular old “everyday boring faithfulness” to show up when it’s hard and when there’s little personal recognition is the radical obedience God fills with His power! (C) God can do much more through a unified church than we think or see.
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