Scott's Thoughts - Sun, Jan 21, 2024

A Few Updates & In Case You Missed ’Ems
Nothing earth shattering here other than a few current things and points of info while also pointing you to the last couple/few weeks of some important stuff you may have missed if you’re not 100% keeping up with “my thoughts,” (which, given the nature of their profundity, is probably only about half a dozen folks, I’m sure. Actually, the nature of my thoughts feels to me like manic minutiae. Speaking of which, move on, Scott.)

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Today, Sun 21:
  • Online Giving Provider Change – Because it’s part of some behind-the-scenes changes we’re making to save money and improve administrative systems, just wanted to forewarn you that we are changing our online financial provider, which will require everyone giving online to use this new one. (We’re not allowed to do it for you, sorry. It’s illegal. Yeah, that’s why. Nonetheless, we can definitely show you how to do it!) :o) We’ll letcha know more real soon.

  • New Weekly Bible Study Podcast – For some reason I keep failing to mention this, but it’s kind of a big deal, or at least I think it’s cool. So… For the last 3ish months, as part of trying to get ahead in a tightly integrated and highly complex multisite church (i.e., nigh impossible) and working to align kid, student, and adult curricula around the sermon content, I got to thinking that it might be helpful for us to do a weekly podcast where we do a 30-min session of working through the basic Life Group Study Questions ( in hopes of helping leaders of Life Groups, 180 Small Groups, and Kids Small Groups/Classes prepare for the coming Sunday’s lesson/content (as well as helping Staff. Also, (1) yes, that was a run-on, and (2) yes, of course, it can be helpful for literally anybody on the planet who is part of those aforementioned environments or who follows our sermons online, i.e., throngs of dozens.) It will typically involve whoever’s preaching that coming Sunday along with me &/or a Campus Pastor or two, or one of a few others on Staff who teach in those environments, or a Resident. Anyway, no more than 3 people per episode (bc 4 is just plain unwieldy.) We just recorded our first one this past week and it will come out on the Thu before we jump back into Exodus (Sun, Feb 4), i.e., on Thu, Feb 1. It’ll be on the “Watch” tab on the app, under “Resources” on, or on the normal socials (FB & YT).

Sun, Jan 14:
  • Annual 7 Habits Survey (Spiritual Health Survey) and Membership Renewal
  • 2023 Annual Report and 2024 Budget
  • Catalyst Trailer Launch
  • Watermark Leaders Conference Update
  • Noah Nasekos Appy Trail Outreach Trip – Could use some more financial help.
  • Upcoming Sermon Plans
  • Kids Pine Cove City this Summer
  • The Cost of Being a Good/Godly Leader
  • Thoughts I’m Still Having
  • Why I Start Every Sermon with “Open Your Bibles”

(Hmm… Having posted all this, I am noticing that, at this point, I’ve pretty much simply linked 75% of last week’s content above and that apparently most of the notable things you may have missed happened on Jan 14. Oh well, two Jan 7 snippets, at least one of which likely needn’t be linked as worthy of significance. I’ll letcha guess which.)

Sun, Jan 7:
  • Sorry I’ve Been Lax on Scott’s Thoughts
  • Why I Often Say “What We Do Here Matters”
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