H7 Story: Coming Home to My Family

In life, we often face hardships and past hurts that distract us from fully embracing God's plan for our lives. Melissa Marrs' past hurt made her reluctant to seek a new church community. Through prayer, Melissa's journey led her to First Christian Church (FCC). Little did she know that this encounter with FCC would become the turning point in her life, where she witnessed the powerful work of God unfold.
With a cautious heart, Melissa prayed earnestly for God to lead her to the right church. In His faithfulness, God guided her to FCC, where she felt an immediate connection. As she explored the church's website, she was captivated by the geeky explanation of the church's beliefs. Intrigued, Melissa decided to visit FCC, and what awaited her was more than she could have ever imagined.
From the moment Melissa stepped foot into FCC, she noticed the friendliness radiating from every member she encountered. Encouraged by this warm reception, she attended Next Steps, a program designed to help newcomers integrate into the church community. Following the Holy Spirit's prompting, Melissa also joined re:gen, a support group for individuals seeking healing and freedom from sin and past hurts. Each step brought her closer to finding her place at FCC.
Wanting to serve but remain unseen, Melissa initially joined the Tech Team, where she served behind the scenes. However, as God's gentle conviction worked in her heart, she realized the need to step out of her comfort zone. After heartfelt conversations with Kendra, Melissa decided to serve on the Guest Team. As she observed the interactions among the team members, she felt an overwhelming sense of belonging. She lovingly refers to the second-service Guest Team as "the orneriest, most God-loving group of people she has ever met."
Reading through the Gospel of Mark, Melissa stumbled upon Peter's account of the disciples leaving everything behind to follow Jesus. It resonated deeply within her heart because she, too, felt the sacrifice she had made when she chose to follow Christ. But God graciously revealed to her that FCC and its fellowship were an embodiment of His blessings, restoring what Melissa had left behind. Within this church family, she found mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Each one had a profound impact on her faith.
Since becoming a member of FCC, Melissa's spiritual growth has been remarkable. On the day she placed membership, the Guest Team stood in the back and cheered for her. In that moment, it was as if she had found her long-lost family. With a heart eager to help others, she became an apprentice leader for re:gen, assisting others on their healing journeys, and a Next Steps Helper, guiding individuals in their walk with Christ. Through these roles, Melissa delights in assisting individuals during their baptisms, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of God's love.
Melissa Marrs' remarkable journey at FCC is a testament to the work of God in one's life when they surrender to His guidance. Despite her initial hesitations, Melissa's trust and obedience opened doors for divine connections and spiritual growth. As Melissa herself proclaims, "FCC is truly a place where they help you Find and Follow Jesus, and I can't wait to help others do the same." Melissa's journey serves as an inspiration for countless others who long to find a community of believers ready to walk alongside them on their own path of faith.