Scott's Thoughts: Sun, Jul 31, 2022

Total Reading Time: Not even 3 mins (based on Relatively short today. And it’s basically one big long argument for why you need to be at the “Super-Duper Mega-Important All-Church Multisite Dinner, Update, Meeting, and Prayer Time” next Sun, Aug 7, 5:30-7p, (and one other short thing about August as Life Groups Month.)

(Hey, In Case You’ve Missed Our Incessant Promo The Last 5 Weeks Straight), DO NOT MISS the “Super-Duper Mega-Important All-Church Multisite Dinner, Update, Meeting, & Prayer Time” next Sun, Aug 7, 5:30-7p! – Well, we have ordered the new trailers and equipment, scheduled a few pre-launch team meetings and preview services (which we’ll tell you about at this mtg), and we have begun planning for our “shock and awe” promo campaign to kick in mid-September. (So it’s too late to back out now, Bob and Kelly! Forewarning, run-on sentence follows, just like the run-on title of this event!) Re next Sun, in general terms, we’re starting with a catered BBQ meal, singing a couple songs, and giving brief updates on our emerging multisite strategy, giving, and commitments per campus, and speaking to how preaching is going to work, the role of Campus Pastors, the rhythms of campus-specific and all-church programming, and we’ll have some time for answering questions that have been submitted on Connect Cards, as well as what the following two months of the ramp-up to launching South Greene will look like in terms of promo, team meetings, outreach, portable prep and preview services.

Now, important to note here…

The majority of all that aforementioned stuff involves all 3 campuses, so we would like as many FCCers as possible—all the way from brand new and still checking us out to the decades-long veterans—to come find out how launching a third campus affects all campuses and how we can plan well together for the sake of our community.

More details at Make sure to sign up, no later than Tue, Aug 2, on the Connect Card on the “Home” tab on the app ( or at

In the meantime, please Pray, Participate, and Promote.

Pray – Ask God to bless our efforts in reaching the lost with the gospel. Pray for…

  • … our hearts, that, as much as possible, we as a church would have God’s heart for Helping People Find and Follow Jesus. Multisite expansion isn’t about FCC. It’s about the name of Jesus being glorified! Is God’s glory your life’s focus? Is Helping People Find and Follow Jesus and the glory or God why you’re an FCCer? Pray for personal motives, an important first step in any such congregation-wide initiative like launching a new campus.

  • … our hands, that we would be committed—in practical terms—to the everyday boring faithfulness that is the human backbone the Lord blesses for His purposes. Have you yet committed to a campus? Have you yet given financially to help us launch strong?! Do you need to attend Next Steps, identify with Christ in baptism or membership? Pray for the Lord’s guidance in these questions.

  • … our community, that our congregational efforts result in the lost being saved, kids giving their lives to Kingdom service, marriages becoming strengthened, and families finding purpose. We exist to reach out to our community in the name of Christ. Ask God to bless our efforts in becoming a 3-campus church, that His Kingdom would continue to reign in the lives of more and more Greene Countians!

Participate – Get involved. Commit to the cause. Engage in worship. Serve on the team. Connect in a small group. Let us know your/His plans on the Connect Card at or the “Home” page on the app (

Promote – Invite your friends and family who need Jesus and a good church home to join us! Invite those new guests to your Life Group! And don’t forget to invite those new neighbors moving in from California, New York, Chicago, etc., to join us!

Aug is Life Groups Month – Quick FYI: Starting next week we’re taking a 3-weeks break from our Gospel of John series to focus on how small groups in the book of Acts contributed to the evangelistic witness and forward movement of the gospel. We’ll be using August as a kick-off to a new semester of Life Groups, letting you know what they are, how to join one, how to be a great participant, and why they’re of bedrock importance to how we function as a church and how you can grow here!
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