Missionary Update

¡From Hot to not so Hot!
"So, what's so HOT? Well, first of all we were in Oregon and Washington during the great heat wave! We even purchased an air conditioner in order to sleep through the nights in Oliver's room at Ben & Corri's. Oliver is growing and learning at a HOT pace. He has the crawling down and is not into pulling himself up to a standing position. How awesome is that!"

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Don't lose heart!
The training you provided for these leaders in SE Asia is paying off. God always goes before us to prepare us and provide what we need. Because of your gifts and prayers, this tenacious team held training events months ago when they were free to do so.
Now, a military coup in the country continues to cause chaos, threats, lockdowns, and unreliable internet. The team is grieving the loss of 70 pastors from COVID-19, but they keep sharing the hope of the gospel when they can. God is changing lives in SE Asia.

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Vietnamese Library and Bible Donation
Some months ago we read with great excitement in the  Evangelical Focus News about the opening of a public Christian library in Vietnam – and so we want to share the little known back story as it involves the ministry of ICR and Open Door Libraries.

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