180: DNow 2023


This year’s DNOW seeks to Awaken a Generation to King Jesus! The opposite of “It’s all about me” is the truth that “It’s all about King Jesus.” When Christ is Supreme in our lives, He goes from being our mascot to our Monarch!
So come… Awaken to the supreme majesty of God’s Son! Adore Him as Redeemer and King! Arise to join Him in bringing His kingdom to earth!

DNOW is a weekend event for students focused on discipleship. We'll gather together for sessions at the church, spend one night in grade and gender specific host homes and conclude at FCC.
Cost includes the conference, student book, t-shirt, snacks and Chick-fil-a lunch on Saturday, and a trampoline park and laser tag activity. Be sure to fill out the Quantum Leap Waiver link for trampoline park in registration.
When: Nov 10, 6:30p - Nov 11, 6p
Who: Any student (6th-12th grade). Invite a friend to come with you.
What to expect: 
  • Main session about Awakening a Generation to King Jesus (Greeneville Campus)
  • Grade and gender-specific small group discussion. (Greeneville Campus & Host Homes)
  • Lunch on Saturday will be provided (Chick-Fil-A)
  • Activity at Quantum Leap 

6:30p - Check-in
6:45p - Ice-breaker game
7:00p - Large Group Worship/Session 1 - "Little Jesus in my Pocket"
8:15p - Dismiss to host homes - Small Group Discussion 1

9:45a - Large Group Worship/Session 2 (Coffee available) - "Who Jesus is Today"
10:45a - Small Group Discussion 2
11:30a- Lunch (Chick-fil-a)
12:00p - Quantum Leap (Trampoline park and laser tag)
3:00p - Gather at FCC (Snacks available)
3:15p - Large Group /Worship Session 3 - "Christ Enthroned Changes Everything"
4:15p - Small Group Discussion 3
5:00p - Large Group Worship/Session 4 - "Waking up the World to Christ"
5:45p - Worship Set to close out
6:00p - Dismiss/Parents pick-up at FCC Student Center
Small Group Housing Assignement

6 grade girls - Bailey Residence
7 grade girls - Schlesing Residence
8 grade girls - Latham Residence
9 grade girls - Englehardt Residence
10 grade girls - Hamilton Resisdence
11 grade girls - Larsen Residence
12 grade girls -  Ward Residence

6 grade boys - Hodge Residence
7 grade boys - Sutton Residence
8 grade boys  - Pruitt Residence
9 grade boys - Shrader Residence
10 grade boys - Kitsteiner Residence
11 grade boys  - Johnson Residence
12 grade boys - Lundy Residence