Prayer Guide: Week of Mar 19-26, 2023

Missions & Local Churches
  • Brandon & Abby Gloyd - Young Life
  • Crossroads Church

Ongoing Health Concerns
  • Jeanette Gardin (G, heart failure)
  • Tom Parker (G, back problems)
  • Alicia Gourley (G, ME/CFS)
  • Alma Stewart (Enrights)
  • Michael Gallagher (G, OI)
  • Emma Haynes (A, seizures)
  • Granger Reaves (A, health concern)
  • Cori Hensley (G, health concerns)
  • Janice Graf (A, health concerns)
  • Charles Larsen (G, advanced cancer)
  • Drusilla Sparks (A, bladder cancer)
  • Kelsie Stiltner (G, health concerns)
  • Bobby Shaw (G, advanced melanoma)
  • Dianna Haynes (A, health concerns)
  • Jessica Doss (SG, health concerns)
  • Charlie Larsen (G, scoliosis)
  • Donna Meade (A, health concerns)
  • Sherri Huston (G, health concerns)

Active Military (* denotes currently deployed)
  • Todd Smith (G, Air Force Reserve)
  • Matthew Lemmer (Northeys, G, Air Force)
  • Joe McNulty (A, Air Force Reserve)
  • Joseph Sutton (A, Army Reserve)
  • Ryan Juergen-Brown (Marine)
  • Joshua Broome (Kim Broome, G, Navy)
  • Jarod & Sydney DelSorbo (DelSorbos, A, Air Force)
  • Becca Sponholtz (Sponholtz, A, Army)
  • Rich Jaycox (Sponholtz, A, Army)
  • Matthew Englehardt (A, Air Force Reserve)
  • Brandon Kalous (Englehardts, A, Army)
  • Chris Kricko (Kricko, G)
  • Josh Hart (L. Meade, A, Air Force)
  • Cade Brown (A, Air Force)
  • Annie Herndon (G, Army NG)
  • Micaiah Elliott (G, Army)

Our Church and Our World
  • Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and Staff
  • Re:generation, Marriage Ministry
  • 180 Students
  • Life Groups
  • Pillar: Young Adults Ministry
  • Political Leaders
  • Schools, students, staff, and parents
  • Easter services at NPAC

Personal Requests
  • Chris Smiley’s Family - His wife Denise, and daughter, Camilia King as Chris went to be with our Lord
  • Brielle Carlson - Kris & Angie’s 18-month-old daughter as she recovers from stomach inflammation
  • Allison Pruitt - Workers doing renovations on their home, they may be completed by August, Mother who is a nurse and often working
  • Daniel Matheney - Layoffs at work and lack of work, Mother’s health with abdominal pain
  • Kim Alexander - Wayne Giles, in Florida, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, His wife, Kim as she takes care of him, they are newlyweds
  • Community - All who are ill and hurting, those walking through grief
  • God’s Children - Opportunities to minister to others and the courage to invite them to church services, Students and teachers at SGHS & CDHS
  • Isaac Johnson - Pray over 180 Student leadership through the summer

Families Grieving  
  • Faye Barnes & Family: Death of her husband, Rick
  • Rhonda Banks: Death of her father, Norman French
  • The Harrell Family: Death of grandfather, Norman French
  • Max Morelock’s family as they mourn the loss of their young adult son
  • The Kitsteiner Family: Death of Wendi’s uncle, Jeff, and cousin, Eric
  • Norma Coward’s grandson, Braeden Cutshaw’s father, Jim Corky Cutshaw passed away
  • William and Vivian Colley, Vivian’s 12-year-old brother, Jeron Miller went to be with our Lord.  May God lead them closer to Him
  • Valentine/Gregg family as they mourn the death of David Gregg
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