IMPORTANT All-Church Multisite Update Dinner & Meeting (Sun, Aug 7, 5:30-7p)

Super-Duper, Mega-Important, All-Church, Come & See South Greene Campus & Multisite Campaign Update, Dinner, and Meeting

Sun, Aug 7, from 5:30-7p, at South Greene High School

Who? You. Everyone. The whole church. Anyone who considers FCC their church home, even if you've only been once during 2022, or even nonce—you count. If you're at all interested in finding out about or just being part of our continued work of expanding God's Kingdom in Greene County! We need you there bc this is the last such everyone-together meeting before launching the South Greene campus on Sun, Oct 16!

What? Food, Preview of South Greene Campus, and LOTS of important info about our multisite expansion efforts and how we believe God has called us to continue reaching our community with the gospel!

When? Sun, Aug 7, 5:30-7p (dinner served promptly at 5:30p)

Where? South Greene High School

"Tell me more. Gimme the deets." Aight. There will be:
  • Dinner for the whole family
  • Childcare provided by our Kids Min heroes – You can indicate your needs on the Connect Card sign up.
  • Preview of portable church at South Greene High School
  • Singing and praying together
  • Numerous brief updates on multisite campus development, including...
  • How to pick a campus and why it should be South Greene if you're not yet committed
  • Why multisite campus development must involve "relaunching" existing sites and taking Worship & Serve seriously
  • When launch team mtgs are happening (till Sun, Oct 16, when we launch) and what we do in them and why you should attend
  • How preaching is gonna work with 3 campuses (Hint: Much like it was at 2 before we started adding Bobarino to the preaching rotation.)
  • How the Campus Pastors' role is changing a smidge
  • How outreach is going and upcoming plans for campus-specific outreach
  • How our multisite campaign giving and overall general fund giving are going. (Wait... Giving are going. Giving's going? I dunno.)
  • How our "shock and awe" promo campaign is about to overtake t-shirts, yards, vehicles, billboards, and screens all over Greene County and how you can help us reach out and connect with your friends and family who need Jesus and a good church home! (Hint, it involves t-shirts, stickers, and yard signs.)
  • How to pick a campus and why it should be South Greene if you're not yet committed
  • Why serving on Sundays and being in a Life Group is super-duper mega-important
  • Our new plans (or, frankly, our old plans that we want to implement soon in post 2020-2021 Covid World) for more regular/seasonal all-church worship services and some sorta campus-specific fellowship dinners with time for prayer around each table (think Old Fashioned Potluck and Prayer!)
  • A time to answer questions submitted on the Connect Card (link below, where it says, "here, on the Connect Card!")
  • And how to pick a campus and why it should be South Greene if you're not yet committed

We'll end by praying together for South Greene, relaunch of Greeneville and Afton, and for God to bless our efforts to reach more people in our community with the gospel! (But—and this will hopefully not come as a surprise to you—you don't actually have to wait until Sun, Aug 7 to pray!) ;o)

Sign up (and submit questions) here, on the Connect Card!