Prayer Guide: Week of June 12-19, 2022

Prayer Guide: Week of June 12-19, 2022

Missions & Local Churches
  • Opportunity House
  • St. James Lutheran Church

Ongoing Health Concerns
  • Jeanette Gardin (G, heart failure)
  • Rick Barnes (A, lung health)
  • Tom Parker (G, back problems)
  • Jim Jaynes (G, back and knee problems)
  • Alicia Gourley (G, ME/CFS)
  • Alma Stewart (Enrights)
  • Kimberly Hackett (Norma C, health concerns)
  • Michael Gallagher (G, OI)
  • Kelley Ward (G, multiple myeloma)
  • Emma Haynes (A, seizures)
  • Tammy Florence (A, cancer)
  • Granger Reaves (A, health concern)
  • Cori Hensley (G, health concerns)
  • David Walters (G, lung melanoma)
  • Janice Graf (A, health concerns)
  • Charles Larsen (G, colon cancer)
  • Chuck LeVitre (A, Donella M, cancer)
  • Drusilla Sparks (A, bladder cancer)
  • Rosella Gass (G, health concerns)
  • Amy Verran (G, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Joshua Broome (G, Kim B, cancer)

Active Military (* denotes currently deployed)
  • Todd Smith (G, Air Force Reserve)
  • Matthew Lemmer (Northeys, G, Air Force)
  • Joe McNulty (A, Air Force Reserve)
  • Joseph Sutton (A, Army Reserve*)
  • Ryan Juergen-Brown (Marine)
  • Joshua Broome (Kim Broome, G, Navy)
  • Jarod DelSorbo (DelSorbos, A, Air Force)
  • Sydney DelSorbo (DelSorbos, A, Air Force)
  • Ken Nickle (A, Army Reserve)
  • Carla Nickle (A, Army Reserve)
  • Becca Sponholtz (Sponholtzs, A, Army)
  • Rich Jaycox (Sponholtz, Army)
  • Matthew Englehardt (Englehardts, A, Army)
  • Brandon Kalous (Englehardts, A, Army)
  • Josh Fuller (G, Army NG)
  • Chris Kricko (Robert Kricko, G)

Our Church and Our World
  • Multisite prayer, plans, & preparation
  • Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and Staff
  • Re:generation, Marriage Ministry
  • 180 Students
  • Life Groups
  • Pillar: Young Adults Ministry
  • Political Leaders
  • Russia/Ukraine Conflict
  • Inflation

Personal Requests
  • Tammy Florence - Latest scan revealed lesions in neck and liver, Starts lower dose chemo regimen next week
  • Jennifer Harrell's - Chronic microangiopathic changes in her mother’s brain due to vascular disease requiring hospitalization for stabilization. Wisdom & discernment for Jennifer as how to best help care for her mother going forward.
  • Rose Radank - Praise: Bob Radank’s mom’s kneecap replacement surgery was a success. Pray for ongoing therapy and rehab
  • Norma Coward - Praise: Jim Corky Cutshaw out of hospital and recovering in Georgia nursing home
  • Martha Young - Praise: No surgery needed as the break is healing. Continued prayers for complete healing for her arm near the shoulder
  • Josh and Madison Idell - Praise on the birth of their son, Silas Dean Idell!
  • Christa DelSorbo - Recovering from foot surgery
  • Re:gen - May God bring more leaders and participants
  • Emily Graham - High resting heart rate, healing and wisdom and discernment for treatment and her cardiologist.
  • Military - Pray for safety, that their emotional and physical health needs are met, and that they will seek comfort in Christ
  • Courtney Johnson - Home healing from surgery to remove mass. Praise that mass was not cancerous
  • Matthew and Jessica Doss - Matt's new job. Diagnosis for leg problem for Jess. Jess' mom's, Tammy Florence, cancer
  • Don and Sue Engold - For the health of their daughter, Jessica, during her pregnancy. Don: frequent headaches. Sue: Remove distractions that keep her from prayer, study, and service
  • Sheila Belcher - Continuing to recover from shingles
  • Daniel Reaves - Continued healing for his knee after chainsaw accident
  • Jim Jaynes - Transition after move to South Carolina
  • Sylvia Burns - Oldest sister, Birdie Harkelroad, is in hospice care in Colorado
  • Rachael Chapman - Continued healing after emergency appendectomy last week
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