Tell the Story: Re:gen as Training for Discipleship

Do you ever feel ill-equipped to do the main thing we are called to do in Matthew 28:16-20—to make disciples and carry on God's mission of Helping People Find and Follow Jesus? We often hear people say they lack the tools or the training to talk to others about Jesus, let alone to train up disciplemakers.

We recently talked with Bryan Englehardt—(who is clearly man enough to confidently wear goofy Santa headwear!)—about how re:generation gave him the tools and vocabulary, not just for his own spiritual growth, but for becoming a disciplemaker!

When he started re:gen in the summer of 2021, Bryan says he had long been a Christian who knew that sin separated him from God and that he needed Christ as Savior, in basic terms. But through the discipleship training he received, he began to deeply understand understand both how his sin kept him from the fullness of God's blessing and how, in Christ, God's love and grace brought him back into relationship with Him, no matter the damage his sin had caused.

In Step 4, Inventory, where re:gen participants "make a searching and fearless moral inventory" of hurts and harms caused and received, Bryan reports that courageously processing these through the gospel was an important part of developing strength and health in his current relationships. He learned to identify his idols and evaluate his responses to determine if they aligned with God’s truth.
“Realizing I was way out of alignment, I learned how to respond to others in a God-honoring way. Through the steps of Forgiveness, Amends, and Reconciliation, I now have the tools to establish healthy relationships.”
One especially cool surprise Bryan reports discovering is the realization that he wasn't alone in his struggles. After building close, meaningful, and encouraging relationships with other men who walked through the re:gen process together, he began to feel a burden for continuing to build disciplemaking relationship beyond re:gen!
“God has now given me the ability and confidence to reach out to other men. I’ve established the vocabulary I need to share my experiences through my re:gen training that has brought me closer to God and His plan for Helping People Find and Follow Jesus.”
Recently Bryan invited a group of men and their sons to spend time together on his property, shooting, fishing, throwing hatchets, and as Bryan said, "Blowing up stuff in the name of Jesus!" As they shared a meal together, discipleship, encouragement, and some good laughs happened organically around the table!

Do you find yourself lacking some of the tools needed to join God's mission of Helping People Find and Follow Jesus? As our main discipleship training environment, re:gen is not only a great place to get connected to a community of people just like you, learn more about who you are in Christ, and how to grow spiritually, but also to receive the vocabulary, training, and equipping needed for Helping (Other) People Find and Follow Jesus!

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