Tell the Story: "The Fantastic Four"

Every Sunday morning team members arrive at the Afton Campus early to set up before the services. About an hour and a half before most other team members arrive, the “fantastic four” arrive to do some pre-set-up cleaning and getting ready. These four are teenagers that come early every week to make sure that the restroom floors are clean, the Worship Center is vacuumed and Kids is setup. This group of friends has a lot of fun serving Jesus together. Some weeks you may see them testing out the bean bag chairs after they set them up, but you will also see them working super hard and serving Jesus with a happy heart. None of these kids are pressured to come, but all four of them make the choice each week to be a huge part of the team and we couldn’t do it without them. In fact, a few weeks ago, all 4 of them were at the Students Winter Retreat and the Afton setup team felt their absence in a big way.

How great is it to see our kids learning a love for serving Jesus at such a young age?! We think integrating students onto our Serve Teams is important because it prepares them for a life of Christlike fruitfulness that builds character, strengthens the church, and becomes a pillar in our community!
When asked what they love about serving, here's what they said:

“I like that we get to know each other a lot more while working together.”
– Hannah Staggs

“I enjoy serving early because it gives me fellowship with some good friends. I also enjoy seeing the smiles on people’s faces.”
– Jackson Radank

“Waking up early every Sunday morning might not always be fun, but it is always worth it. I can get up early if it means that others don’t have to. And the community that I work alongside (Jackson, Hannah, and Elijah) bring so much joy and community to the work that it almost doesn’t seem like work at all! It may not always be fun or easy, and may not even be recognized by all, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done. And at the end of the day, I can look back and see all the smiling faces that were brought closer to the Lord through a few hours of lost sleep and a little hard scrubbing.” 
– Ainsley Ford

“We get to get together every morning and help serve and clean in the mornings. We get to come together as a friend group and it’s really fun because we can talk and socialize and have fun doing it together.” 
– Elijah Staggs

Adults, are we going to let these kids show us up?! If you are ready to start Serving on the Team, let us know on the Connect Card.
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