Scott's Thoughts: Sun, Mar 6, 2022

Scott’s Thoughts – Sun, Mar 6, 2022. Total Reading Time: 5 min.

Few Quick Misc Thoughts and FYIs 
  •  This is as extensively true as I’m trying to make it sound: Only the discipline of time in God’s Word will enable you to see the world rightly. Something is wrong with us when we take straw-manned memes and media snippets as our standards of truth rather than the habits of the Word of God and prayer. In the same way, it is functional gossip and slander to take-as-gospel one person’s narrow and often temporarily emotionally-charged view about an idea, person, group of persons, church, or pastor rather than our own personal experience of that idea, person, group of persons, church, or pastor. The Apostle Paul calls being so easily-led by frivolous meme theology “childish” (Ephesians 4:14).
  • Quick theological nerd moment related to my recent sermon that covered John 3:1-21: Christians disagree on this issue, but just to say it out loud, I believe Scripture calls faith a “gift from God” that He grants to His “elect” (God’s people/flock) and that it logically and chronologically is preceded by regeneration of the heart. (I.e., I think regeneration (“circumcision of the heart”) precedes faith.) Anyway… Here’s an important thought: It is not mutually exclusive to say that regeneration precedes faith (as I believe) and to freely offer the gospel to all, Jews and Gentiles, Christians and non-Christians. Our job is to offer the gospel and feed the flock. God alone is ultimate judge. Now, you can believe the Scriptures say it the other way, that faith precedes regeneration, and that the gospel can only be “freely offered” if one believes as you do. That’s fine. That’s an orthodox Christian position. But here’s the rub: Whatever the theological details and distinctions in this matter, we can be brothers and sisters in the same flock! Hope so since many, if not most, of my close friends and family are wrong, I mean, disagree with me! :o) (<— Joke, theology nerds. It’s just a joke.)
  • When we hold sinful people around us to Messianic standards they cannot possibly live up to, we are only setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment. Why is this so hard for us to learn? I include myself in this as a primary example: Sinners make for terrible Messiahs. (Btw, Dagny, I’m sorry I’ve been so unkind and lacking grace for you lately. In case you’re new to us and unaware, Dagny is my wife, and I am often a selfish, irresponsible, and über-stressed-and-depressed nutjob. (This is not an exaggeration–she really is my wife. And I really am a nutjob.)
  • Speaking of trying and failing at being a more faithful husband… I was reminded of this by one of our staffers this week. (Seriously. They berate me constantly. J/K. But not really.) Did you know that if Dad attends church, there is a 93% chance that every other single person in the family will also?! Can you believe that? It’s mind-blowing. I’ve said this a few times here and there of late, but it bears repeating and I wanna get it out there a bit more… We at FCC are in the business of helping people, kids, students, marriages, and families find and follow Jesus, but I wanna add one more: Helping MEN find and follow Jesus. In fact, if I could tweak it, I’d say something more like Training Men to find and follow Jesus. I want us to become a church where, though super duper unpopular to say nowadays, (“verboten” as our German friends would say. Did you know we have a burgeoning group of German speakers among us?! Where was I!?) … Though culturally “verboten,” we want to raise up and train godly men, husbands, and fathers to fight (alongside their wives) to form a family and community where Christ is exalted, truth is loved with a passion, and everyone around them flourishes for the good of their community and the Kingdom of God. As Paul says in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, 13 Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 14 Let all that you do be done in love. If we will work together on this as a church, it will be for the sake of the flourishing of our entire community.
  • I say this occasionally because it bears out as true time and again over the years… If you’re not becoming involved in “The First 3” Habits—our first 3 Habits of Engage in worship, Serve on the team, and Connect in a small group, you will become increasingly disconnected here at FCC. We’ve intentionally designed our strategy, as a multisite church where we are working hard to better shepherd more smaller flocks, around the assumption that your front lines of personal and pastoral care happen as you buy into “The First 3” Habits.
  • We need more help in Kids Min.
  • For years pre-Covid we had a well-developed “Connect Card Culture” of Sunday morning attendees filling out and handing in our Connect Card. There was a moment in the service when you could hear lots of tearing of the perforations! This not only helped us connect to people, but it helped us track metrics well. Just letting ya know, we’re gonna be implementing more pre-Covid awkward tearing of the Connect Card during the service! So please help us, even if you’re a veteran FCCer, by at least filling out the names of those in attendance. Thanks.
  • I’ve been intending to report more here in ST about our finances, (which are healthy, above board, etc.) and the results from our annual 7 Habits survey, but just haven’t yet gotten to compiling it all into a manageable public form. We’ll get to it and letcha know more here soon. (Kelly, I have an idea for a project for an Admin Nerd–I mean Team Member.)
  • If someone has a good job that would allow a mother in our congregation to mostly work from home to homeschool and raise her 3 boys, please email me at Sounds like there’s some limited availability to come into an office or work site, but it would need to be mostly work from home.
  • I’ve noticed a number of new folks thinking that to Serve on the team means having to be there every single time we need anybody. Ha! If only! FWIW, every single one of our Serve Team Leaders (usually “Paid Staff,” but not always) work hard to schedule around your schedule. In fact, we use a system that lets you, from your smartphone, say “Yes” or “No” to scheduling requests and block out dates when you can’t serve. Just letting ya know… We’ll work with your schedule.
  • Middle and High School Winter Retreat — Fri-Sun, Apr 1-3 – Details at
  • A few important things you may have missed in the last couple Scott’s Thoughts posts:

Multisite Vision Night and Q & A – Sun, Mar 27, 6:30-7:30p, Greeneville campus – This will be an important and very helpful meeting to help kick-off our 3rd campus launch process. Similarly to what we did almost 4 years ago leading up to “going multisite,” we have a 30-40 minutes presentation of our vision, why we are a multisite church, how it works, South Greene launch plans, launch timeline, how to choose a campus, how to get involved, etc., followed by at least 20 minutes for Q & A. Only an hour. Lots of info. Don’t miss it. (And no, I don’t yet know if we’re planning on providing any childcare.)

Kids Min Invites You to the 2022 “Easter Jam” – Sun, Apr 10, 6-8p – Easter Jam is a whole-family interactive experience that creatively tells the Resurrection story with drama, songs, and games, including an “After Party” that ends at 8p so your kiddos will fall asleep on the way home!? More info on the Home page of the app or at

Small Tweak to Our Next Steps Process – If you’re new to us, you’ll catch on quickly that we’ll do anything short of sin to reach people with the gospel, and that often means making tweaks and changes to our systems and processes. (Yes, this can sometimes be annoying for us all, including those paid to lead such systems!) So, long story short, as we’re continuing to learn how to best implement our (sort of new and sort of not-new) Next Steps process, we’ve decided that, instead of a short 10-minutes intro at the end of every service, we’re stepping back into what we think will be a more helpful hybrid of how we used to do it (4 Sundays of 60-min class sessions) and how we’ve been doing it lately (1 Sunday of a 10-min intro followed by outside-of-Sunday-mornings meetings with a Next Steps Helper.) So, that will mean a once-monthly (for now, i.e., we can quickly adapt to more if needed) less-than-an-hour (45 to 60 mins tops?) classroom environment where we will cover all the 7 Habits videos, our Confession of Faith, allow time for Q & A, introduce the Next Steps Helper process, and provide the chance to get to know some FCCers. From there, the “normal” Next Steps Helper process will continue, to work through the 7 Habits Growth Plan and Tell the Story testimony. A couple main reasons for this tweak: First, this helps everyone get through the 7H videos and our Confession of Faith in one fell swoop, with an opportunity for feedback and asking questions. We were finding that this wasn’t happening well as an “on demand” process. It left too much on the participants without enough of a helpful kickstart and put too much weight on the Next Steps Helpers. Second—(and we thought this might be the case when we implemented NS this way, but we wanted to try it anyway)—people just aren’t likely to walk out at an Invitation Time during the service to attend NS. We’ll tell you more in the coming weeks, but in basic terms, it starts Sun, Apr 3, at 9:15a (1st service) at both campuses. Sign up now (even if you already have a Next Steps Helper and you wanna start over this way) and let us know if you’re planning on attending. (Bob, I obvi have a timing question.)

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