Scott's Thoughts: Sun, Jan 9, 2022

Just a few small items. Total Reading Time: 2 mins 30 secs, tops.

Few Points of Clarification re Annual Membership Renewal Process
  • This first point is going to make it sound like there have been a lot of people for whom this applies, but frankly, there have only been a small few so far. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to restate briefly to help ensure we’re all on the same page: Basic agreement to our Confession of Faith ( doesn’t mean it fits 100% with your personal theological positions but that you agree that it’s comprised of Biblically warranted doctrinal positions which can form a healthy church and that you won’t teach contrary to it in FCC-sponsored settings. As we have previously noted in a couple places, if you disagree on a particular point or two, that’s not necessarily a reason to not be a member. (See first bullet point under “Some Thoughts Re FCC Being More “Confessional” & Requiring Members to Affirm our Confession of Faith” in the Nov 7, 2021 ST, which you can get to on the app or I make the point there that we are trying to account for some disagreements on matters of conviction or opinion by acknowledging that some will believe differently, e.g., about speaking in tongues or complementarian-egalitarian issues of church leadership.) If you think your disagreement may warrant not being a member, please talk with us—Elder, Campus Pastor, or me—so we can work together to openly and honestly maintain doctrinal and personal unity in the body.
  • Every existing member must renew every year and there is no ongoing active membership status from year to year without renewing one's membership. If you fail to renew one year, you are no longer an active member.
  • Sorry, but you cannot fill out a form for another person, even if it's your spouse. We're not trying to be difficult, but we're trying to implement an annual search-your-heart process of recommitting to your personal spiritual growth as part of the body of Christ. 
  • For more teaching and resources on why we place so much emphasis on membership and for the link for the survey, go to the top of the Home tab on the app and swipe to “Membership Renewal” or go to If you need a hardcopy of the form, they’re available in The Hub on Sundays or the Church Office on weekdays (423-639-0126).

A New re|engage Marriage Enrichment Group Starts Tomorrow! – Husbands, your wife (and likely your kids, too!) want you to initiate this, for the sake of your personal, marital, and overall family health. There’s still room for more couples. Lots of helpful info, Tell the Story blurbs, and sign-up info are available at

Yes, the Team Bash is Coming Sun, Jan 30! – All y’all come! Do not miss this always-encouraging and helpful yearly highlight!

Things You Missed if You Aren’t Seeing the “Latest News” on the App nor Keeping Up With Scott’s Thoughts – Not trying to lay any guilt trips on anyone (other than our Paid Staff who haven’t kept up!), plus I recognize that keeping up with ST may feel like a part-time job, but there are TONS of cool things going on that you’d be encouraged to know about. So, read last week’s ST for much more about…
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  • Pillar Young Adults go to CrossCon! – Make sure you go to “Latest News” on the app (or to watch the highlights video! So cool!
  • New Year Kick-Offs: Next Steps, Team Bash, Life Groups, Re:generation, and Re|engage
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  • Mini-Great Questions Answered (GQA): “Is ‘Xmas’ Instead of “Christmas” Offensive or Sacrilegious?”
  • Kelly Radank is Now Full-Time Admin/Comms Guru/Director!
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  • 2022 Budget Update
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