Tell the Story: CrossCon

Crosscon 2021

Last week, a group of nineteen 18-25 yr olds from our Young Adult ministry traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for Cross Conference 2021! The conference had a missions focus and aimed to urge young Christians to participate in the Great Commission! It was amazing to see what God did through this conference! Pray with us that God would continue to work in the hearts and lives of those who went so that they can apply what they have learned for the continued spread of the Gospel!

The conference worked its way through 3 main points of focus: (1) The Gospel as the power of God unto salvation. (2) The local Church as central to the life of discipleship and the key piece and goal of missions. (3) The Great Commission as a part of every believer's call to make their life count by making His name known. Every morning and evening, there were larger "Main Sessions" In which the 5,000 young adults there would all gather to worship in song and learn from the main speakers (John Piper, Kevin DeYoung, and David Platt, and more). They would also use this time to pray for the nations and hear from those on the mission field. In the afternoons, Young Adults had the opportunity to go to breakout tracks to look at more specific things such as "How Should I Steward my Finances" and "LGBTQ or Jesus." All of these teachings were firmly rooted in the Scriptures as God's revealed Word to us.

Beyond all the things learned from the conference, our Young Adults also got the opportunity to grow together. Through long van rides, eating out, rooming together, and exploring Louisville, they got the chance to build relationships that will last, all centered around and pointed toward making their lives count by making His name known. What a great way to end and start a year!

Here's what some of the participants had to say about the conference.

Melody Steele - "Something I learned is that maybe in TN I will never have to die for my faith, but that doesn't mean that I won't have to get out of my comfort zone for it. As the speakers at Crosscon talked about the great commission, they reminded me that the cause of Christ is worth the awkwardness of bringing up His name. As Christians, it is our duty to spread His name! Jesus literally commands us: "therefore go make disciples of all nations," So I learned that I need to throw off everything that's holding me back from spreading the Gospel, for the cause of Christ."

Ellie Johnson - "A few quotes from the conference that made an impact on me were "We (Christians) will not all agree on theology, but we should all agree on the Gospel," "See Jesus and never recover from it," "The most important thing about you is Jesus shed his blood for you."

David Steele - "It was life-changing and powerful. Honestly, I was surprised and pleased with how many people came to CROSSCON, really exceeded my expectations. Hopefully, in the future, we have 100% of PILLAR going."

Please continue to pray for all the Young Adults who went on this trip and those involved in our Young Adult ministry! Pray they would know the Gospel, that they would learn to value the local Church, and that they would be pressed to love their neighbor by carrying out the Great Commission even within this community!