"His World, Not Ours"

Jan 4, 2021    Wesley News    Part 2 of 7 in "Him, Not Us"
Here are the reflection points for the guided time of prayer:

1) Take two minutes to worship God because of who He is, reflecting on what His living Word has spoken to you. Admit that He is in control and believe this is His world, not yours. Trust that He will make everything right.

2) Do an inventory and reflect on specifically how you grasp for control of your own life. The ways in which you fail to recognize that He is in control. The ways in which you try to manipulate and control your environment so that it bends to your broken will, instead of His perfect Will.

3) Confess to God your desire to take control of His world from Him. Then, repent of (turn away from) this sin in your life and turn to walk with Christ again.

4) Think about who you know that needs to be here this week for 7 Days of Prayer. First, pray for them. Pray for God to soften their heart. Pray for them to be open to the work Christ did on the cross. Now pray about how to invite them to this prayer event (or Regen, or church).