Kris Carlson

Music/Worship Director

Kris joined us in May of 2013. He graduated from East Tennessee State University with a musical performance degree and was active at The Campus House, which we have financially supported for many years. Kris worked at Walnut Hills Christian Church and First Christian Church in nearby Johnson City. Although Kris originally intended to be a studio musician, his involvement in The Campus House sparked a call to church ministry. A gifted guitarist and vocalist, he also plays bass, mandolin, banjo, and a little ukulele. Kris enjoys all manner of music, the occasional fishing trip, and performing musical gigs with his band and wife, Angie, who is also a gifted musician. Kris & Angie have 2 beautiful daughters. An interesting note about Kris—he was born with synesthesia, which means that he hears in color! (But he also likes old school buffets like Ponderosa and Bonanza, so there's that.)